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“I am not lost for I know where I am…”

I%22m not lost

One should never underestimate the wisdom in Winnie-the-Pooh.   Seriously, A.A. Milne is a genius.  Not only does he appeal to little kids with a fun story about a boy and his bear, but he also sneaks in entertainment/food for thought for the parents who read to the kids—it’s fantastic.

“I am not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost” –just one of the many gems from the silly old bear.  His head may be full of fluff, but sometimes I wonder if this isn’t the most relatable statement I have ever read.  Let’s break it down.

“I’m not lost for I know where I am”—this is true.  I know I’m 22 years old, I’m a Maher, which means: daughter of Sean and Maria, a sister of eight wonderfully sarcastic brothers and sisters and loud. I know I’m a senior at Benedictine College (the greatest college in America)—I know where I am.  But yet I constantly feel lost.  How can that be?  How can I feel lost when I know what I’m doing?

Well folks, I guess that’s life for you—we think we know exactly what is going on and then WHAM! Life smacks you upside the head, calls you an idiot and then you don’t know anything anymore– (don’t worry, you are not really an idiot—life just says mean things sometimes).

“But however, where I am may be lost”–Sometimes I have this feeling of being lost/confused and I begin to doubt everything—my major, my friends, my choice of schools, the shoes I picked out that morning, why I even decided to wear shoes—everything–just because I don’t feel like I belong where I am.

So what do I do?  Do I just pack up and move on when I don’t feel right about a place?  Trust me, that thought crosses my mind at least twice a day.  How nice would it be to become a gypsy and move around from place to place?—No responsibilities, no commitments, just living life—sounds like a Jimmy Buffett song.

As great as that thought sounds, I don’t think it’s the answer.

First of all, we have to remember, doubt, fear, anxiety—all that, comes from the devil.  He knows exactly what to say and how to say it to have you eating out of the palm of his hands.  If you have ever read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, you may remember in one letter when the “mentor demon” is advising the “demon in training” and he says:

“There is nothing like suspense and anxiety for barricading a human’s mind against the Enemy. He wants men to be concerned with what they do; our business is to keep them thinking about what will happen to them.”

Remember, “the Enemy” he is referring to is God.  The devil wants to do whatever it takes to lead us away from God, and one of those ways is by making us doubt.

Therefore, when we have those doubts, we can’t run and hide.  We have to step up to the plate and take a swing.  We may not hit a home run at first, heck, we might even strike out a few times before we get a hit, but we just have to keep swinging because if we don’t, the devil will win—and nobody wants that.

Secondly, I think I just feel lost because this world is not my end goal.  I don’t want earthly satisfaction. I think I want earthly satisfaction—my dumb brain tells me I do, but I really don’t.  My heart wants something more because I has been told all my life that I was made for so much more.  And I know it’s true because my Dad is not a liar.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold (Billy Shakespeare), –don’t be fooled by the false advertising of this life.  You were made for something so much greater than where you are now, so really, how could you be satisfied? How could any of us be satisfied?

So yes, where I am is lost, but not because I’m not on the right path, but only because I have not found my end destination.  I am lost because this world is not permanent and the end goal is so much greater.