“When you wage your wars against the one who adores you…”

wage wars

If you read my intro page then you may recall that I told you that if you have never watched the BBC series “Sherlock” then you should stop what you are doing, go on Netflix and watch it right now because it’s the greatest show ever—well that advice still stands, but now I’m adding the Oh Hello’s to the list of things you have to experience.

The Oh Hello’s are a fantastic band and their newest CD is incredible.  The album is called “Through the Deep, Dark Valley.” When you listen to it, you should listen from start to finish in one sitting, because, as a whole, the album portrays a powerful story—the story of the fall of mankind, and also of redemption—it’s beautiful.

“When you wage your wars against the one who adores you, then you’ll never know the treasure that your worth.”

This quote, from their song “In Memoriam”, gives us beautiful advice which, unfortunately, has become foreign to many people—the advice that if we fight God, we will not be able to see our true selves.

It is a hard reality to face.  We are all trying so hard to be the best we can be but we fail to see that we are reaching for the wrong prize.  We keep competing for beauty, wealth, fame, love, etc., all with the end idea that those will show our true treasure. Lies.

I know this really goes off of my last post (and probably some of the one’s before), and it probably sounds like I am just reiterating the whole thing, but hang with me please!

Anyway, I felt the urge to write again about the dreadful path our society is taking after watching that horrific display Mylie Cyrus put on at the VMA’s—I mean, I knew Hollywood was bad, but seriously, that was one of the worst performances I have ever seen.

I have been trying to figure out how Mylie went from innocent Hannah Montana inspiring little girls to be themselves, to crazy Mylie who is basically violating teddy bears on TV—it doesn’t make sense…how can someone change so quickly? I know she wants attention…we all do, it’s human nature—but her performance shows that she has forgotten the treasure she is worth.  And it’s not just her—Robin Thicke, the back-up dancers, both the rappers who I couldn’t understand at all –all those performers have lost the knowledge, or maybe no one has ever told them, that they are worth so much more than what they seek to gain.  (These examples are not the only performers I have seen do this—they just made it very hard to ignore).

If you continue to listen to the rest of the song, the next couple lines say:

“but I’ve never been a wealthy one before,

I’ve got holes in my pockets burned by liars’ gold,

and I think I’m far too poor for you to want me”

This is what happens…we forget the treasure we are worth and then we fall victim to the liars’ gold, and they burn us over and over again, until we believe the worst lie: “I’m not good enough for God to ever take me back” –we think we are too poor and God could never love someone with so much sin.

What a sad state to be in—to think you are not loved or forgiven by your Father; to think that when He looks at you all he sees is failure and disappointment.  This is right where the Devil wants us to be.

We all need to realize that no matter what we do, God our Father will never abandon us.  He is not human—He is so far above humanity that we cannot fathom how He is able to love us after all we do against Him, but we just have to have faith that he really does forgive us—FOR EVERYTHING—we just have to turn back to Him and seek reconciliation with him.   (Oh and just to be sure we are on the same page, I’m not saying this will be easy—confession is the hardest thing for me to do…ever…it takes all my strength to actually go—but that’s what makes it all the more rewarding in the end.)

I am extremely lucky to have a great example of a loving father on earth to help show me how a father can actually love unconditionally.  However, not all people are as fortunate as me.  It breaks my heart when I see people unable to love our Father in Heaven due to the actions of an earthly father—and the worst part is that it happens all the time.

This is why I am not surprised many people have forgotten their worth—many have never had a good example of how much a father can love.  When all they see in a father is abandonment, they will assume that our Father in Heaven will do the same thing—and so we fight Him and push Him away to protect our wounded hearts. Again, human nature.

This is where the end of the song comes in handy.

The very last line of the song is: “and yet you’re far too beautiful to leave me.”

God the Father sent his Son to us to die on the cross for our sins to prove to us that we will NEVER be too poor for him, He will never stop loving us and longing for us—He is too wonderful, too beautiful, too good, to leave us—because remember, He is not human—it is not in His nature to be anything but good.

But we can never return to Him unless we realize that we are worth more than the liars’ gold and we are a beautiful treasure in God’s eyes.

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