Monthly Archives: July 2014

Adventure time!


No safe paths


I’m sitting in the airport, with Birkenstocks on my feet and passport in hand, and I feel like I’m standing on the Edge of the Wild, about to jump into a strange, unknown world (of course, it’s just the Netherlands, and I’m being extremely dramatic about the whole situation).

Nevertheless, I’m off for a year, not really knowing what I’m getting myself into, but full of insane nervous excitement.

I will be starting a travel blog, and I’ll send out the link when I write my first post on it and add my first set of photos. Right now my travel blog name is “Lost in Nether Netherlands” (because let’s be honest, I’m most likely going to be lost most of the time), but if anyone has any better suggestions, send them my way.

Ok, they are calling us for boarding. Pray for me!

P.S. I hope you like my new layout for my blog. If you don’t–I’m sorry.