365 days of Joy: Week 4

I’ve decided to do 365 days of joy this year (inspired by the wonderful Raquel Kato. You can find her 365 days of Presence here). Some posts my be long, some may be only a sentence, but the important thing is finding joy in your everyday life, because there are so many things to be joyful about, but I tend to forget that. I’ll be posting one every Wednesday, and hopefully I can stay consistent with this. So here we go, week 4!

WhimsicalThis was a rather whimsical week. It was full of beautiful, little things that reminded me that life is full of magic and goodness.


Today I wasn’t feeling well, so I went up to bed before the kids did, and they were so upset they didn’t get a chance to say goodnight to me that they insisted on coming up to my room to kiss me goodnight–turns out they really do love me!


Happy Birthday to Bobby! The baby is 8! Called home and talked to the family for over 2 hours, and talked to Bob for about 45 min. I think that’s the longest we have ever talked on the phone. The best was when he said, “I think Maeve wants to talk to you, do you want to talk to her?” “Sure, if you are done talking to me.” “No, I’m not done talking to you if you’re not done talking to me, we can talk a lot longer than this” 🙂 so cute!  because he can’t decide to to cheer for in the Superbowl. He really doesn’t like the Seahawks, but he doesn’t know if he can cheer for the Patriots because they are “cheaters.” “I really just wanted the Colts to crush the Packers,” he said. True Vikes fan right there. The rest of the family were, as always, a treat to talk to–calling home just makes my week.


SNOW!!! I’M SO HAPPY! Aside from a few flurries in December, we have had no snow until today! It’s so beautiful! Took the kids out in their sled and they liked it just as much as I did. Also, it was so fun to take pictures because this place is even more beautiful when surrounded in white.

Also, went to a Dutch party with the family and went to Saturday night Mass, instead of Sunday and we got to sit in the pews in front of the alter (normally at Mass we sit on the side), meaning I got to see the Consecration straight on and it was like looking upon a long lost friend–it was so beautiful! I just love the Mass.


Happy Birthday Raquel! My blogging inspiration and dear friend turned 24 today! Whooo! I hope my Godbaby gave her plenty of love for me! Today was a day of total relaxation for me. I took advantage of sleeping in, because I have been an insomniac lately and not sleeping, so my joy came from finally getting the rest I needed.


Today I finally got all caught up with my travel blog! My Paris post is up and you can find it here if you want to read about Katlin and me wandering around one of the greatest cities on this planet!

one paris


On our walk this morning the kids and I discovered this little white flowers all over the yard. Amazing how just two days ago it was covered in snow and now it’s covered in flowers! Also, Clemens-August finally crawled! He has been so stubborn about it and would refuse to crawl but today he finally did!


Ok, so I know I can’t predict the future, but I’m just going to say that my joy tomorrow will most likely come from arriving in Rome! I won’t have time to put up a blog, so I’m just going to call it now!

Talk to you all in a week! God Bless!


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