365 Days of Joy: Week 8

I’ve decided to do 365 days of joy this year (inspired by the wonderful Raquel Kato).  Some posts my be long, some may be only a sentence, but the important thing is finding joy in your everyday life, because there are so many things to be joyful about, and I tend to forget that. I’ll be posting one every Wednesday, and hopefully I can stay consistent with this. So here we go, week 8!

adventure is out thereI didn’t actually go on any adventures this week, but I planned for a lot of future adventures, which made this week very exciting.


Today the kids and I spent an over an hour watching a tree get cut down. This isn’t usually my idea of fun, but when it occupies the kids attention for that long, I’m not going to complain. Also, the kids would cheer every time a piece of the tree would fall down, and it was adorable.


Friday the parents were gone all day, so I had the kids to myself the entire day, which adds a little extra chaos to an already chaotic house, but thankfully they slept until 10 a.m. giving me time to get things ready for the day. And Aunt Jean came in the afternoon, which always makes for a fun time.


WHOO!!! Mary decided on the dates to come visit me!!!!! I’m so excited! She will be here mid-April for a week, and I’m thinking that will be a perfect time to visit London!


As lame as it sounds my joy came from taking a long, glorious nap. Also, Aunt Audrey and Uncle Greg came for dinner with their two boys and having a full house makes for hilarious conversation and fun chaos. Oh and I got the cutest Valentines day card from my God Baby, AvaMarie, and some wonderful pictures of my favorite Colorado family! I miss the Katos so much!


Leila told me I get a week off in May to explore South Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic–let the planning begin!  I’m going to try to plan it so I can see Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague. It’s going to be difficult and I might have to cut one or two of them, but I’m going to try!


Listened to Bach while doing my Bible study “homework”–I’ve heard lots of different renditions of his work, but I think I’ve found that the Philadelphia Orchestra is my favorite. It’s just lovely.


Well, I was hoping my joy of the day would come from Kilty having her baby, but the kid is being super stubborn. I tried to motivate him/her the best ways I could, but it’s hard from across an ocean, and I don’t think Kilty really listened to all my “labor” songs I sent her. I don’t think she thought “Push It” by Salt n’ Pepa would actually help… but what I did do is publish my Italy Part II blog! Yay for me! So please check it out by clicking here. It covers my trip to St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and Norcia, the birthplace of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica.

Well, that’s my week, it’s a little bland with no pictures, but overall it was a good one. This upcoming weekend I’m going to Brugge, Belgium, so get ready for pictures!

Pax Ex!


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