365 Days of Joy: Week 24

I’ve decided to do 365 days of joy this year (inspired by the wonderful Raquel Kato, author of the Story of a Rose blog).  Some posts my be long, some may be only a sentence, but the important thing is finding joy in your everyday life, because there are so many things to be joyful about, and I tend to forget that. I’ll be posting one every week, and hopefully, along with joy, I can gain a little consistency in my life. 😉 So here we go, week 23!

achildwhosingsI’m starting to realize how much I’m going to miss my little family in the Netherlands. They have made such a beautiful impact on my life, and saying goodbye will be so hard. These three little kids will forever have a place in my heart, their infectious joy will be hard to go without, and of course, I will miss hearing “MADELINE” screamed in a cute Dutch accent.


Playing in the dirt and grass, and not having to wear our coats! 🙂

the gang


I posted my Austria blog! Which just made me want to go back and watch Sound of Music! Check it out here!



Saturday was the first night in a long time I got to sit around with my host parents and one of the aunts, and have a nice evening of good conversation (and yummy gin and tonics!) 🙂


Sunday was a perfect day! The family had to go to Antwerp, so I stayed home with the dog, drank Piña Coladas, and read in the sun. It was glorious!


One of the cool things about castles is that they have long hallways, and this is perfect for testing out new wind-up cars…which is what Lambert-Joseph and I did for hours on Monday.


The Twins game was the MLB Free Game of the Day, and since it was a 12:45 p.m. CT game, it was at a reasonable time here, so I could actually watch it! Even though they lost, it was so nice watching baseball again!


Taught the kids how to play broom ball…kind of. It’s fun to see them started to have a little interest in playing sports.


And that’s my week! hope you all had a good one and thank you for reading!


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