G and H

My nephew Joseph asked me to teach him a little Dutch by making him a Dutch Alfabet. The easiest way for me to do this for him is through my blog. These are written for him, but hopefully anyone else reading this can learn a little Dutch! 

G is for Grappenmaker.


In Dutch, grappenmaker means joker or funny man.

The Dutch love playing practical jokes, in fact one of their favorite days is April Fools’ day.

They have been celebrating this day for over 400 years because it was on April first when the Dutch rebels beat the Spanish army in a major battle that eventually led to them gaining their independence.

On April 1, 1572 the Dutch claimed the town of Den Briel from the Spanish commander Lord Alva. Ever since that day the dutch have celebrated this embarrassing loss for the commander by playing pranks and making jokes on the first of April.

The people are not the only ones who get involved in telling jokes. In the past the government has played pranks on the people, and so have the police, newspapers, and the public transportation services.

April is a beautiful month to be in the Netherlands, but if you are there on April 1, be ready to get pranked by a grappenmaker.

H is for Haven.


In Dutch, haven means harbor or port.

Because the Netherlands is right on the ocean, and it has lots of rivers and canals, they have a lot of ports and harbors for boats to come into.

The biggest port in Europe is the Rotterdam Port, which is located in South Holland.

The Rotterdam port opened in the 14 century and is over 25 miles long. In 2014 almost 30,000 ships came into the Rotterdam port.

The Netherlands ports help the Netherlands stay on of the leading exporters in Europe, they also help Europeans get supplies from other continents, mainly Africa and America.


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