Read This First!

Hi, I’m Maddie.  Just a girl trying to make her way through the real world–whatever the heck that means.

Being a journalism major and English minor, I have a deep love for words and sayings, and I try to find personal meaning in the simplest ones.  I am also extremely nostalgic; I savor and cling to the past because I find beauty in what has gone before me and I hope to rediscover that beauty in my life.

I spend my days searching for something to fill my life.  I ultimately know it that “something” is God in His Trinity, but I have yet to find the way for God to take over my soul completely.  I will never stop trying and searching, and I know in the end I will succeed because God wants me–there  is no doubt in my mind that God longs for me to be with him; therefore as long as I want Him and I try, I will find him.

Words help me in this search.  You can take almost any quote (almost), and find a way to attach to your life and your relationship with the Lord.  Furthermore, even if you can’t find a way to personally attach a quote towards the Lord, most of the time you can imagine/discover how one would attach it to the Lord, and in doing so, you become closer to reaching that level in your own relationship with Him, or so I hope.

Whether I’m on Pinterest, Goodreads, reading a book, watching a movie, or whatever, I always find good quotes that hit a nerve (either good or bad) with me, and that quote sticks with me for the remainder of the day.  However, since I tend to get distracted easily (it’s really a problem), I tend to forget the quote and when I try to remember, it’s usually just rubbish.  This is where this blog comes in.  I’m hoping that with this blog I can write down the fantastic quotes I find and express my own thoughts and feelings that go along with them.

Now, I’m no John Watson (if you have seen the BBC show “Sherlock” you will get this reference.  If you have not, please stop reading my blog, go to Netflix and watch it right now—your life will be changed and you will thank me forever), but I think I do a decent job at expressing myself in written words (as opposed to spoken words—I’m not very good at speaking), and I hope at least someone will enjoy/benefit from reading them.

One last thing you should know about me before you read what I have to say is that sometimes/maybe all the time, I can be a nerd…so there may be a lot of quotes from J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who and any superhero movie/comic—oh and if something from an Irish ballad pops in every now and again, don’t be surprised….you have been warned.


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